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Welcome to the website of G.S.S.V. Tjas, the world’s largest student speedskating society! Experiencing life in the Netherlands isn’t complete without experiencing speedskating. Tjas offers speedskating practice for everyone, from beginners to advanced skaters. Below, you can find relevant information about becoming a member. If you have any questions or would like to receive some more information, you can send an e-mail to info@tjas.nl




Sports events



Being a member of Tjas allows you to practice your speed skating skills at the Kardinge ice skating rink twice a week throughout the winter season for only € 39,-. Under the guidance of trainers you will learn how to improve your skating technique. Two training groups can be distinguished:

1) Recreational skaters, this is the biggest group of Tjas members. These members can train on both Monday and Thursday evenings. This group is divided into smaller groups according to level, varying from beginners to advanced skaters.

2) Advanced skaters who wish to receive extra training. Members of this group can enjoy two extra hours of practice every week. Furthermore, they have a Royal Dutch Skating Union (KNSB) license and are therefore allowed to compete in KNSB-competitions throughout the Netherlands. This group, too, is divided into smaller groups according to level. 



Tjas organises several competitions for all Tjas members: 

-100m competitions, going either forwards or in reverse across the straight end of the skating rink;

-Club competitions, which are held several times throughout the year; 

-An IUT (Interuniversity Tournament) for all students;

-A Dutch Student Championship (NSK), in which all students can participate.



With Tjas, training continues throughout the summer. Cycling and running practice are offered throughout the summer season. Furthermore, it is a beloved Tjas tradition to go ‘apple pie cycling’ on Sundays, combining cycling and sociability. Cycling and running matches are also organised during the summer.

A summer membership can be purchased for only 20 euros! 

Other Activities


Functions & Parties

Tjas’s social committee organises social drinks in Café de Walrus (Pelsterstraat 25) every thursday. These social drinks offer the perfect opportunity to see your fellow Tjas members without their usual sporting outfit and to have a conversation without being bothered by a serious work-out! Come and join your training group for a drink!

Apart from the social drinks, several theme parties are organised each year in Café de Walrus. The bar committee decorates the pub according to the party theme and a DJ is hired to provide all the party tunes.

If you have any questions about the functions and parties, please contact the social committee (borrelcie@tjas.nl).



The Batavierenrace, the big student-relay, is held every year in April. The running committee organises the team for Tjas. The course of this race is set out between Nijmegen and Enschede and covers a distance of over 175 kilometers, divided into 25 stages. The race starts on Friday at midnight and ends after a night and day of intensive running with a big party on the campus of the University of Twente in Enschede.


Ardennes Weekend 

Every year, during the Ascension Day Weekend (from Ascension Day (Thursday) until the Sunday after Ascension Day), Tjas can be found in the Belgian Ardennes. For four days, Tjas members cycle in the Ardennes. This cycling weekend is organised by the travels committee.



In order to celebrate the start of summer break, a barbecue is organised by the bar committee each year at the Hoornse Plas at the end of June or the start of July


Introduction Weekend

At the start of every academic year, an introduction weekend is organised by the introduction committee at the beautiful island of Schiermonnikoog. Here the first years get to know Tjas and its members. During the skating practice at the beach everybody’s legs will be prepared for the ice skating season. During the rest of the weekend, fun activities are organised and we paint the town red at the infamous Toxbar, living up to the returning theme of the three T’s: Training, Tostis (meaning “grilled cheese”), and Toxbar. Those who have joined in the past will confirm that this weekend cannot be missed!

The weekend is meant for first year members for Tjas that have joined Tjas during the introduction period. The introduction weekend takes place the first weekend of October


Members' Weekend

The Members' weekend is organised simultaneously with the introduction weekend. Participating members always stay in different accommodation from the first years, but there is always a joint activity for both the first years and the other members. And of course both first years and other members will see each other in the Toxbar, a perfect opportunity for integration of all ages! 


Training camp

For motivated skaters, a trainig camp is usually organised at the start of each ice skating season. This allows you to start the ice skating season with some extra practice and to visit a different ice skating rink!